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From the desk of
Gavin Birchall

Full Time Internet Marketer & Passionate List Builder...

Have YOU been there before too?

Are you looking for that ONE single vital piece of the puzzle that can finally put an end to you being forced to SLAVE AWAY 10-15 hours a day at your job or even your online Internet business?

Let's face it,

We've all been there...

...You buy product after product hoping for that one golden nugget
that can finally help you change your financial future forever.

...What happens next?

...Yes that's right, you end up losing money and the only person who
seems to make any profits from it all is the person who promised you
the world only to leave you feeling angry & frustrated.

...Product after product turns out to be complete rubbish.

...Don't get me wrong, there are some fantastic products out there
& I have been around long enough to realise and seek out those
that are going to deliver and the ones that are just out to take advantage of you.

...Deep down we all want that 'magic button' and I have been there many times before myself.

As much I would love to get my hands on a piece of 'magic button' software that allows you to push a few buttons and you suddenly make $$$ as if by magic - I now know that this is never, ever going to happen.

I now realise this and I am fine with it because I can tell you that making money using this system I am about to reveal to you has been much more rewarding & satisfying than using some garbage push button software junk.

There really is no better feeling when you use a system like this and put in some good solid work at the beginning and then begin to see those regular dollar payments continue to roll into your Paypal account.

You see on the flip side you could be running around chasing your own tail and working 14 hours a day chained to your computer and still end up seeing only average results at best.

So how does being able to make $1000, $2000, $3000, a month on 99% auto-pilot sound?

An all-in-one complete Blueprint list building system that continues to work for you like an obsessed
"Profit Crazed Cash Cranking Machine"

If you have been around the Internet Marketing block a couple of times you will be familiar with one common trait all successful online marketers share...

...They all build huge "Buyers" lists.

It's true, just look at any big time online marketer and you will soon discover that they are building HUGE lists that are fully loaded with thousands of proven buyers...

Not only that I can 100% guarantee you that they make a majority of their huge incomes from their own private buyers lists...

...and if this isn't the case - they are not even a big marketer at all!

The truth is that owning a huge list of PROVEN buyers allows you to sell to them again and again almost at will and make unlimited amounts of cold hard cash every time... let's face it who wouldn't want to find themselves being able to do that everyday?

"Some folks may touch on certain things or show you bits & pieces, but Gavin shows you the entire process!"

List Turbo Profits is a 12 video course (some sections have several videos) that walks you through the steps of building your list via affiliate offers and/or your own offers.

Gavin does an excellent job showing you how to set up your sales funnel regardless of which route you choose as well as how to set up your email sequence. The method Gavin uses works for him & may be different from other marketers, but as they say, one size doesn't always fit all .

He also walks you through how to track your statistics to help you tweak & see what is & isn't working for you.

With the over the shoulder walk through & mind maps, this is a very newbie friendly list building product. I really enjoyed the walk through on setting up various aspects of your business.

Some folks may touch on certain things or show you bits & pieces, but Gavin shows you the entire process!

Great job



"This course is worth way more than the $7 cost at this moment in time".

Gavin has produced a complete exhaustive course on list building.

He starts at the absolute basics, which some here might want to skip over, but leaves nothing out for the person just getting started.

He builds in a formidable series of videos - going step by step - right through to some ultra-advanced techniques - some of which I was unaware - at least in the details of execution.

As I said, I've received my copy - and don't know how long this course will stay at this extremely low price, but this course is worth way more than the $7 cost at this moment in time.

It's like a year long undergrad course in list building being taught by someone who is successful in his field, condensed into 20+ videos.

Gavin gives new meaning to the word "thorough."

If you are actually going to take action - instead of just buy and shelve - you'd be well served by Gavin's List Turbo Profits list building course.


"If you're serious about adding some vital & 'Rock Solid' list building strategies to your online business then this is definitely for you"

Everyone knows that the core of all online businesses is email marketing.

 When you have a list of desperate buyers, you will make money repeatedly.

After going through Gavins course, I can see a lot of hidden gems here. You can basically go into the members area and copy what is presented by Gavin in a simple and easy to understand format either in video, mind mapping or pdf.

 You just need to copy what is there, and see what happens to your business once you have implemented the key list building strategies List Turbo Profits rolls out for you.

There is no right and wrong in IM, but there is a winner and Gavin here is the winner that shows you step by step in doing & implementing the actual set up of your list building sales funnels from start to finish.

If you are serious about adding some vital & 'Rock Solid' list building strategies to your online business or are looking for something that overdelivers then this is definitely for you. 

For $7, it is well worth it.

P/S : If you're looking for a get quick rich scheme, this is not for you!

Thanks again Gavin for producing a great product!


"It's like he is selling it for FREE"

I just bought the product and the review is here so that everyone can see that not only all the flashy stuff like most other peoples products focus on and then simply don't deliver on that promise but everything here that was promised prior to buying List Turbo Profits has been delivered plus more.

Gavin has really worked hard for the videos. The course actually includes 12 detailed videos about list building with each containing detailed videos in-between. This course also comes with mind maps and few pdfs for buyer to easily implement whole the process.

If you are a newbie then it's a must have product for you. It will guide you from the scratch till the end. Gavin has covered every single step an Internet Marketer must know to make a list and to get a most of the benefits from its list.

And for $7 its really a steal.

It's like he is selling it for free.

Really because it contains all the hard work in making this much videos which you can see when you buy it. Also he has included few bonus templates to help the buyer kick start the whole process.

Great Job!


"List Turbo Profits is a solid, low-cost run down to Online Marketing"

I'm gonna cut straight to chase!

Gavin's List Turbo Profits is a solid, low-cost run down to Online Marketing. If you're eager to get online and start creating something that can be built to last then I'd definitely recommend you go get it!

Great job man!


A complete A-Z Blueprint to help you build your very own list building system that has been designed to work for you on 99% Auto-Pilot, help you target & build a huge PROVEN buyers list that send you automated Paypal payments every single day!

More to the point, this system will allow to build multiple income streams without having to rely on those dreaded search engines that drop you like a ton of bricks as soon as you put a single foot wrong.

No stone left un-turned system where I show you in a step by step fashion how you can start building your list Ultra-Fast in just a few short hours from now.
In fact, how to
make the entire list building system model work for you by buidling a huge buyers list on 99% Auto-Pilot, setting you up for building a relaible and "Rock Steady" online income without all the un-necessary worries most people face like having Google totally wipe out your online income when they decide to make the next updates to their crazy rules!

Don't commit yourself to trial and error learning like I did for so many years...

I'm going to give you the keys to the KINGDOM and show you how everything works...

You can simply look over my shoulder and copy my exact list building system.

Building a list for the first time can be extremely overwhelming and frustrating. I found myself completely stranded wondering how to:

If I am completely honest... I didn't have a clue whether I was building my list in the right way or not when I first began all those years ago.

But naturally after refusing
to give in things started to become a lot clearer and I soon saw the "Bigger Picture" and started to slot every piece of the puzzle together... after that I was able to set up ultra-responsive and profitable email lists in no time at all.

Everything became so much easier and I could now build these systems with the confidence that they would become highly profitable and solid income streams all on their own on 99% auto-pilot.

I must admit... it was a long hard struggle but "Man Alive" am I glad I did it.

So What's It Gonna Be?

Yes! I am fed up with chasing my own tail without knowing how to build a "Rock Steady" list building system that I know if done right can bring me results I've always dreamed of... 
  • I'm sick & tired of having to rely on those JOKERS over at Google only to get "Slapped" by them time & again
  • I don't want to be JUST an affiliate anymore & I am ready to build my own successful business online instead of someone else's 
  • Yes I'm ready to make this TINY INVESTMENT in myself and finally live the financial life I've always dreamed of
  • I'm ready to do things right and that can build me a "Rock Soild" and stable income in just hours from now & can last for months & years to come

No Thanks, I will take my chances with just the single video sales funnel training and guess my way from there.

I also realise that this amazing offer is at a ridiculously low price & that I can have everything I need & fast-track my way to Rock-Solid sales funnel profits online in next to no time at all & that I can be up and running in just hours from now.

When I Click Here I realise that this offer will be gone for good at this amazingly low price!

P.S. Also remember that you have a 100% full 30 days money back guarantee if you're not satisfied with this purchase so get in now before I raise the price!

Looking Forward To Hearing Your Success Stories,

Gavin Birchall

P.P.S. I'm also throwing in my PERSONAL support email so that if you have any questions so that if you have any questions regarding any topic covered in this course feel free to throw me over an email and I will help out, completely FREE of charge of course!

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